I was curious on what the church's stance on medical marijuana was. This information was not told to me by an authority member but on where you can speak to a rep

Welcome to chat.A representative will be with you shortly.

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Lindzey: hiLindzey: welcome

Me: I live in California what is the churches position on medical marijuana?

Lindzey: well if it's perscribed legally

Lindzey: then it is fine

Lindzey: are you very familiar witht the church

Lindzey: to make sure i would go speak to a bishop

Me: wow thank you that helps me a lot thank you very much. i am a member of the church. i just have been wondering about it


why are you so good?

Kombucha(pronounced kom-BOO-cha)= my new addiction. Kombucha is a handmade Chinese tea that is cultured up to 30 days. While it is fermenting essential nutrients form that are good for your body like: active enzymes, viable, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols. All of these combined create an elixir that immediatly works with the body to restore balance and vitality. This tea has actually been around for 2,000 years where it can be traced back to china where it was worshiped as the remedy of immortality.People around the world have been using it and have found this fermented tea drink responsible for their astonishing health, longevity and well-being. Basically in English it helps restore your body's PH which is very important with all the crap you eat which makes your body way to acidic!

Kombucha supports*:
Immune System
Appetite Control
Weight Control
Liver Function
Body Alkalinity
Anti- Aging
Cell Integrity
Healthy Skin & Nails

I have been drinking it for about 4 months now and it has made the world of difference! Every morning i would wake up feeling like crud and two sips of this i was good to go! My husband Hunter used to have acidic problems everyday where he would down a bottle of pepcid a.c every other day, but since we began drinking it he has not had a problem! You can get it at Whole Foods or Sprouts usually at an organic store. It is a living organism for a living body! As delicious as it is its also pricey coming in at $3 dollars a bottle. So i decided to make my own!

This is the beginning where green tea,sugar, and a kombucha drink, were mixed together and left for 2 weeks to create my kombucha mother.

This is my mother... kinda of freaky looking i know, but fascinating at the same time!This is formed from the sugar just like yeast, and this ferments the tea from a sweet green tea to a sour vinegar smell which we like to call KOMBUCHA! I botteled it up using some of my old bottles from previous purchased kombuchas flavored with lemon juice, raspberry juice, and ginger juice.

My final project! It still has to sit out for another 4 days, and refrigerate for an additional 2 days. Long process and it will take some time to get the flavoring as good as the ones at the store. BUT I WILL CONQUER YOU KOMBUCHA! Give it a shot its not that good at first kind of taste like vinegar but now i crave it and so does my body because it makes me feel soooo good! Try Trilogy from Synergy its the best!


bigger words are better

so sorry for the small letters my friends... it does not help that my husband has the big screen tv our computer screen also... so the letters looked huge to me!

so this past Sunday i took Karly my sisters engagement pictures. She is marrying a guy with the name.... you wont believe this HUNTER! hahah how crazy is that? Hunter is not a very common name so we were shocked when he was a Hunter too! so now we have to come up with code names in my family. My Hunter called her Hunter number 2! cuz he was there first. hah o man i am already confusing myself this is going to be interesting. but besides his name! he is a great guy and i am very protective of my sister because she is basically perfect so the guy has to be basically perfect too. and i APPROVE of him. Awesome guy! and to Karly you looked beautiful, cant wait to see you on your wedding day! March 12,2009


so we just got this stuff in at the salon and i love it! it's from Chi and its a
conditioning treatment that gives your hair more of a rich color and shine to it. there are different colors from, blonde's, reds, to browns. also the other awesome part about this product is it can also be used as a self tanner! for those of you who are albino like me , and want a little summer glow, this stuff does the trick. and it does not stink like all the other self tanners. so what i did was i got the coffee bean color for brunettes, i mixed half of it in with my conditioner and the other half with a really good moisturizing body lotion. i used a lotion without a strong odor, so the two smells do not counteract each other. give it a try... you can get some at Armstoring Mccall... unfortunately you have to have license to buy it there so if anyone wants me to get them some i will!

A spring dresses.... how i love you. i could wear dresses everyday of my life. they make me feel feminine and old fashioned like i have class.... haha. so i have been eye balling this cute dress at urban outfitters for a while... well i finally tried the dang thing on and i automatically looked like a HOE! my butt was practically hanging out because it was so short! awww sometimes i despise being tall! now a days things are made for midgets apparently :(


should we go to Choachella this year? the answer is YES YES! The line up this year is insane! as tall as lions, phoenix, grizzly bears, iglu & hartly,passion pit, JAY-Z, vampire weeekend, mew, mgmt, muse,the xx, mike snow, mutemath and so many more! oh man I'm getting excited just thinking about it. it shall be a good time!

speaking of music.... Dj earthworm made an insane mash-up of the top 25 billboard song of 2009. This guy has some serious talent. KOODOS to you my friend. listen and enjoy


so i have been listening to this song all day " did i make you cry, on christmas day" by sufjan stevens. love him. love the girls voice who ever she might be. love that its different. i find it very easy to listen to like angus and julia stone. o how i wish hunter and i had time to make music. i love that were both musically talented, him way more then me i might add.... but its always been a wish of mine.. if only this world was not so busy and crazy and time was not such a precious time. but no more excuses! i am ready to start making my life the way i want, and to do the things i love and accomplishing my goals...

speaking of goals, i accomplished 3 big goals today

number1- create a blog
number2- learn how to crochet
number3- mail the letters on the table that have been collecting dust

have you ever written a letter and never mailed it? i do it all the freaken time. i'll sit there for hours writing this novel by hand and never send it! all the hours you wasted... the tears start to form because your hand is cramping and your thumb is stuck in this awkward position that freezes up.... well the point is writing a letter by hand is a living hell... and why it takes me forever to mail i will never know

i decided i was going to start crocheting. its been a goal for quite some time now... and i finally started today. i think i sat in front of the tv for 5 hours straight watching youtube videos. and didnt get very far :( its hard and my fingers hurt but i am going to make this beanie and headband if it kills me!

good day off from work today... satisfied, now lets dance

p.s i {love} this guy glad i found you.....