I was curious on what the church's stance on medical marijuana was. This information was not told to me by an authority member but on where you can speak to a rep

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Lindzey: hiLindzey: welcome

Me: I live in California what is the churches position on medical marijuana?

Lindzey: well if it's perscribed legally

Lindzey: then it is fine

Lindzey: are you very familiar witht the church

Lindzey: to make sure i would go speak to a bishop

Me: wow thank you that helps me a lot thank you very much. i am a member of the church. i just have been wondering about it



Auntie Em said...

are you considering or are you taking this perscription? was it legally obtained? long time no talk? said...

i have been curious on the churches stance on it, and i was curious so i asked. i believe that it is a safe viable medication. and i know that people are having to vote on it in there states.

sage said...

What if it isn't legally prescribed? Does it still have medicinal uses and effects when used or do those benefits only come with a written script? It's funny how magical a little scribbled paper has become at hypnotizing the masses into thinking anything written on those scripts are safe and anything considered alternative is not. The church is okay with people taking prozac when its scientifically proven to cause suicidal thoughts and suicide. My LDS doc will give me all the adderall i wan't which is nothing but meth in a pill. Basically a chemical brain lobotomy. This is just my opinion but i have a problem with the church relying on the government to say if soething is ok or not. To me it's like when a kid asks his mom for something and she says ask your dad. Only this time dad is the government that not only runs hard drugs(documented) into this country but makes money off of the prohibition of marijuana and hemp. boo ya

Traci Butler said...

@ Sage - I personally have a problem with members posting their personal issues with the church on a public internet site. Sounds like a problem you should talk to your bishop or other ward athorities about to get more advice on.

I honestly don't think that the church lets the government have control over what they believe is ok or not. If that were the case don't you think the church would be ok with abortion or drinking alcohol since it is legal? Give the church a little more credit then that.

I know I am sounding like a total jerk - but I am not meaning to be, I just get upset when members (which I am assuming you are) talk about their issues with the church in public where non members may be and are getting a negative view of the church.

kerri*puff said...

@Traci Butler - You don't think the church lets the government have control over what they believe? Really? Then why was it that the church would not let black members hold the preisthood until 1978? A few years after the civil rights movement in the US. The church had to. Why? Because of the government. They may not follow the government on every single thing, like when it comes to values like drinking, but things like this, they have to.

Marissa said...

My opinion...The church does not give us rules and regulations. They are guidelines for our own health and safety. We just have to take those guidelines and use them in our lives as we deem best.

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